I scream you scream we all scream for…….. you get the gist ? Finding some bomb ice cream is the #strugglebus for a vegan! Let’s be real sorbet can only last us so long ? but stepping into Lapperts I got the best creamy coconut ice cream + mango sorbet!! My sister grabbed the mango sorbet and rainbow ice cream (vegan)! The ice cream was delish but I’m curious – does anyone know of a vegan ice cream bar in the Bay Area? Feel free to comment below bc I would love to visit! Anyways enjoy your Monday’s vegan lovas! I’m in the lab today testing out some recipes that I just can’t wait to share! ? (P.S. after thought I asked the employees if the waffle cone was vegan and they were unsure, so for safety I didn’t eat the cone – do what you will with that info!)

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