Word on the street is it’s #nationalfriedchickenday – but the gag is that vegans #nationalfriedchick’nday is way more juicy and flavorful ?? on the drive up from SoCal my sister and I was on the hunt for some bomb vegan good and thanks to @lettucefeastla we got the best vegan chick’n sandwhich in LA! The flavor is sooo on point – a little Cajun spice with some kick! Kinda reminded me of a vegan Popeyes ? I ordered the Nashville Sando (chick’n, pickles and coleslaw) and Triple OG Sando (chick’n, cheeze, pickles and lettuce) both dipped in their hot “honey” sauce – YUM! Oh and their special sauce is to die for! Y’all know I’m a sauce girl so I was eating it with every bite! Thank you @lettucefeastla for giving my sister and I some bomb food ?