Vegan food is stereotyped to be “prim and proper” but soul food is luscious and overloaded!!! When you put these two things together you get a beautiful sight! Thanks @officialveganmob for some delish vegan soul food! What’s pictured: two mob plates – one with the “brisket” the other with fried chick’n but both with smackaroni, yams and greens (my sister and I have the same taste buds) & also a delish plantain from @kendejah_ca – it was sooooo good while we were waiting for our soul food to be complete! Also not pictured ( bc my dad scarfed it down – LAWD) was the shrimp and steak barbequito – mind you it was his idea to grab the food yesterday so I guess I can’t complain ? alright – everyone enjoy your Sunday’s!!! sending you peace and joy over your new week! ?

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