A day away in the Bay!!! hahaha see how that rhymed?!?! My first time @souleyvegan thanks to my bestie Chika! She knows I’m moving soon so surprised me at whisked me away to a vegan spot (thank God for amazing friends – who aren’t vegan but are still down to try and enjoy!!!) Also whenever we’re together we literally eat nonstop ?? so we ordered a lot from the menu and had ourselves a little picnic ? Here’s what’s pictured: I got to combination plate – fried tofu ( delish) , greens, yams, mac and cheese & cornbread (yes this was one meal ?) – Chika got the hot link sandwich which looked amazing!!!!!!!!!! and as a unit we ordered appetizers (of course!!) and ordered the jalapeño poppers SOOOOO MUTHA – CLUCKIN GOOD & some garlic fries – overall the star for me was the jalapeño poppers, fried tofu and Mac and cheese!!! what’s your fav from this place?? the menu looked so good!!

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