A Little About Me

Hello Vegan Lovas! 

My name is Emani and I am so excited that you have taken the time to visit my site. I hope while you are here, you can find inspiration to create a dish that us vegans and non-vegans alike would love to dig into! 

My motto is being vegan isn’t boring! Let’s keep it real – I ate meat for the majority of my life. It was a childhood norm that was also prominent within my culture. Greens with hammocks, ribs & yes, fried chicken were all essentials within my journey growing up. Although, when I went to college I decided to go against that norm and cut out red meat, which then progressed slowly into having an addiction to tilapia, and eventually after watching What the Health, I said what the hell, and I decided to quit meat cold turkey (no pun intended!). I’m so happy I did!!! 

Removing meat from my diet allowed me to find the inspiration in food again! I began to become eager to recreate classic meat lover meals and make them look fun while remaining essentially easy! Trust me y’all, if I can do this – you can too! The best part is you won’t miss out on anything! 

So dig in my vegan lovas! 

Signed an Aquarius Woman on her vegan journey